Feb. 3rd, 2005

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Snape: *wibbles*: So, how old is he, anyway?
Coffee Wench: He was 11 in 1971....
Snape: *wibbles*: Exactly. 45.
Snape: *wibbles*: Okay, stop the maths, it hurts my head.
Coffee Wench: Hooray! Snape is ...still doable!
Snape: *wibbles*: STILL DOABLE! Totally his tagline.
Coffee Wench: As long as he's at least a decade younger than my parents I'm ok.
Snape: *wibbles*: He's the same age as my parents....
Snape: *wibbles*: In fact my Dad is older.
Coffee Wench: STILL DOABLE!
Snape: *wibbles*: I KNOW YAY.
Snape: *wibbles*: So, what age is NOT Doable?
Coffee Wench: Um, I'm 24 so...45 is my limit.
Snape: *wibbles*: That would be mine too, by logic...dammit. That counts Alan Rickman out. He’s like…60.
Coffee Wench: I wouldn't sleep with Rickman....but I would let him read porn to me while I did Brody.
Snape: *wibbles*: HA. I suppose that works.
Snape: *wibbles*: I cannot do maths, though
Coffee Wench: Neither can I
Coffee Wench: If you start giving Brody a blowjob at 7:00 pm and Rickman didn't start reading porn until 7:30, how long would it take you to come?
Snape: *wibbles*: I HATE YOU.
Snape: *wibbles*: I love the scenario, but I'm shit at maths.
Snape: *wibbles*: 7.00pm, that's The Simpsons, so I may get him to wait.
Coffee Wench: Ok, so if Simpsons equal X, Coming equals Y, Blowjob equal A, and Rickman equals P, how long would it take you to come if Y = A+P - X?
Snape: *wibbles*: I love algebra.

And later...

Lilo: But the mathematics of THAT I'm not too sharp on, especially given I don't know how much stimulation you yourself are getting.
Coffee Wench: If it takes you 5 minutes to Come when you touch yourself but only 3 minutes when Alan speaks, how long with it take you to Come if you start giving Brody a blowjob at 7:00 pm and Rickman didn't start reading porn until 7:30?
Lilo: you need a defined level of stimulation from each
Coffee Wench: This is why I'm an anthropology major.
Coffee Wench: I just watch the sex, I don't figure it.
Lilo: hahahahahahhhahahaahahha


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