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The new kitty is home and just met Friday and Max for the first time a few minutes ago. Max was fine until Friday started growling, so of course now he has to growl too. I think he'll mellow out soon though, Max isn't a dominating cat. Friday is decidedly not happy about the new arrival and will probably be ticked at me for at least a week.

p.s. New kitty still has no name. Help!

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New kitty!

May. 26th, 2005 06:27 pm
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George and I went around to animal shelters today and adopted a pastel calico. Weeee! She has yellow eyes, is a medium size, and has all the usual calico markings but she's grey in colour instead of orange (my camera is broken so no pics, sorry).

Anyway, NAME TIME!

In case you can't tell, George and I are huge dorks. Like, major. We decided that this cat gets a fandom name since Friday was named after the day we found her and Max is named after Maximus from Gladiator. :p

*still bouncing*

I need some help on naming this kitty so comment with your favourite fandom names! Keep in mind that she is female and pretty mellow (so far). Fandoms can be from books, games, movies, whatever.

Top of my personal list so far seems to be CJ (TWW) and Mrs. Norris (HP), but don't mind me.


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