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I made a community on Dreamwidth for natural hair discussion and inspiration. I know there's a few on LJ but I thought it would be nice to have one over here.

[community profile] naturalhair

[community profile] naturalhair

[community profile] naturalhair

Join! I know you want to.

Gay rights

Apr. 29th, 2008 08:53 pm
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Gay rights

"Why is that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" -Ernest Gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights on livejournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "Gay Rights." If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this. Thanks.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
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I too am joining the ranks of those on my f-list who will be showing our boobs for breast cancer research next week! (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] here_be_dragons who knows how to pimp crazy things like boobies). Here's how it works . . .

On Sept. 17th, [livejournal.com profile] drjeff will put up an entry locked to ONLY those either posting pics or pledging money to the cause. It's rather like a boob-athon: Donors pledge a certain amount per pair that gets posted (you can cap the total amount if you wish). Right now I think that with the number of women posting and the pledges so far, it's coming out to about $12 per rack. DrJeff himself is doing $1 per rack but you can do more or less.

I'm certain we can do better than that, so come on, friends - either put up some money or put up a pair! All sizes, shapes, and sorts are welcome, and if you really want to be modest you are allowed to cop out with just a bra shot (I haven't decided how adventurous I'll be yet). :D

What could be better than mad cheekiness in pursuit of a breast cancer cure? Brilliant, I say. And for all of you out there who have been DYING to see my boobies (and they are quite impressive these days), well, now's your chance! Sure, you'll have to fork out some money, but surely it's cheaper than having to take me to dinner and a movie. *snerk* ;) And it's for a very good cause.

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I was watching a Whoopi Goldberg interview on TMC today and she recommended a book about black men in Nazi Germany. Of course, I was so into the interview that by the time it was over I forgot the name of the book (which I know started with a 'D'). Anyone heard of it? I know I sound like that idiot in Barnes & Noble that annoys the employees with vague descriptions, but I really want that book!

Edit: Okay, google is my friend. Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany

Icon Meme

Aug. 18th, 2005 09:50 pm
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I'm a bit bored tonight so it's time for a meme.

Leave me a comment to this post, and I'll make you an icon. It might be based on your interests, on a particularly memorable entry of yours, on a conversation we've had, or on something else entirely. Pass on the icon love by reposting this offer in your own journal.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] made me this great icon after I told her I was reading Kurt/Logan again. Logurt!


Yep, still fun to say.
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It's pouring rain over my apartment and it looks like I'm going to be flooded in for the rest of the day.

Yikes, and hail!

Time to log off before we lose power. I'll probably go cuddle with the cats. *waves*
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My A/C has been broken for almost two days and my apartment office calls and tells me to turn it off because it's a frozen coil.




They said a guy would be here in 45 minutes to check on the coil again. Idiots.

EDIT: New A/C motor is coming on Monday! I told them it wasn't a frozen coil!
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As a lot of you know, I'm a tad baby crazed these days. I don't know what started it (and this has been going on for about 2 years) but it looks like I'm finally in the position to do something about it. George says it's about time we had kids.

*does the Snoopy dance*

I'm here asking for advice on what I should do to prepare. George and I decided to wait until January/February before we start trying so I have 5 months to get things in order. [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] gave me some great advice on vitamins (I'll be buying folic acid supplements next week). Anything else I should know? Book recommendations?
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George and I have been listening to HBP on audio for the last hour and I just wanted to come online and cheer about chapter 2. So much love.

*huggles Bella, Cissy, and Severus*

Top 5 meme

Jul. 19th, 2005 11:07 pm
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I tried to resist...

Ask me for "top five" lists of pretty much anything, and I will list you my top five of that thing or things.

Copy and give your own top fives.
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Got bored, made bases. Enjoy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

+33 )

Happy Day!

Jul. 15th, 2005 01:18 pm
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Today is the best day ever. HBP is nearly here, I'm going to out with friends tonight, I finished my scarf for the party, and George got a new job!


*tosses the ramin noodles out the window*

Note on Half-Blood Prince: I hate spoilers so I'll be posting all HP stuff under clearly marked lj-cuts for the next month. With that said, here are my hopes and predictions )
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[livejournal.com profile] blue_raven, your package came in! Flakes, Crème Eggs, icky Marmite, book, YARN! Thanks so much!



*is happy*
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HBP party next week!

We will be having a line party at Borders starting at 11pm next Friday, the 15th, and then moving to the Limberlost IHOP to talk Harry Potter and devour funnel cake. Wee!

Please comment if you plan to attend. It's nice to warn our IHOP guys how many carafes of Coke we'll need.

4235 N. Oracle Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 520.292.1331
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Just checking in since I haven't been online for a few days. I've been knitting up a storm (new felted bag, yay!) and dealing with a hyper kitten and two sick cats. I'm thanking my lucky stars that cat flu isn't contagious to people, the poor things are rather pathetic.

I finally got a hold of my mother. Turns out it was a stroke but it was only minor. She's not paralyzed and her speech is fine. She's a little slow when responding to questions but I think a part of that is due to the medications they have her on. She also sounded energetic, which surprised me, but I'm not complaining.

Other than that, everything is decent. Hope you didn't miss me too much. ;-)
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Today officially sucks! First, I wake up in the morning to an email from my Dad saying that Mom had a stroke and is in the hospital. In Houston.


I haven't been able to reach my family so I decided to meet George for lunch. He was kind of a prick the whole time and decided to use me for his amusement by picking on me. Needless to say, I didn't tell him about Mom. I'm rather irritated that he saw I was in a horrible mood and wanted to tell him something but wouldn't stop his teasing.

So I go to the knitting store where I pick up some great (if a tad expensive) yarn. No big deal...until a giant dust twister thingy came down right in front of my car on the way home. My windows were down. I'm still spitting dust and my skin itches.

Not a good day. In fact, this day is the crappiest day I can remember in awhile.
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Part 2

Severus and Remus try to patch up their relationship now that Sirius is in Remus' life…
Sirius learns that there are things that Remus won't put up with…
Lily learns that the right wiggle can get a werewolf's attention…

This time on As the Time Turner Spins… )
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As the Time-Turner Spins...
Yes, hokey name. Blame [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]

Will Severus find love in an unexpected place? Will Remus win the heart of his true love? And most importantly, does Sirius ever wear clothing? Find out!

Part 1 )
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Sims 2 University is ten times the crack the first game was. There's more to do, better clothing, more objects, and naked college boys!

The first dorm I created was HP related. So what happened when I put James, Lily, Remus, Sirius, Bellatrix, and Severus in a dorm?

Not dial-up friendly. Pic Spam time! )